Dietary supplements in capsules


    is recommended as strong antiparasitic agent improving bile secretion and digestion; creates unfavorable conditions for the reproduction of parasites, cleanses the bowels, and is effective in the prophylaxis of allergic diseases.


    exhibits the natural antibacterial, antiviral, onco-protector properties; improves immunity; as an antioxidant, protects cells of the body from toxins and noxious agents, produces anti-inflammatory action, improves blood circulation in the cardiac muscle, reduces blood cholesterol and lipids’ level, improve the functions of kidneys, liver and lungs.


    it is the agent for correction of the metabolic processes which exhibits the anabolic and anti-hypoxic action, activates fat metabolism, reduces the level of lipids in blood, prevents fatty liver and atherosclerotic vascular disease, normalizes brain processes, and improves memory and mental alertness. During sports activities, it prevents the accumulation of insufficiently oxidized metabolic products in muscles and stimulates the increase in muscle mass.


    this drug is able to restore the normal intestinal microflora quickly and efficiently, and to protect it from the impact of adverse factors; it is recommended for treatment and prophylaxis of dysbacteriosis, intestinal infections, allergic reactions, and immunodeficiency disorders.


    exhibits immunomodulatory, antitumor, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties, enhances the sensitivity of cancer cells to radiotherapy and chemotherapy; also recommended in cardiovascular diseases, disorders of lipid metabolism, and toxic liver damage.


    promotes weight loss due to normalization of the metabolic and hormonal processes, has a beneficial effect in chronic fatigue syndrome, high arterial blood pressure, exhibits strong onco-protector and immunomodulator activity.


    one of the strongest immunomodulators, exhibiting pronounced antitumor activity, and effective radio-protective agent; prevents the development of atherosclerosis, contributes to lowering of arterial blood pressure, reduces thrombi formation and risk of apoplectic attack and myocardial infarction.


    reduces the risk of tumor formation, stimulates cellular immunity; provides antiviral protection, gives impulse to remission in the autoimmune diseases, lowers blood cholesterol and sugar level.