Universal cream


    the cream effectively ceases the development of mycoses and mycotic lesions of the skin and nails. The presence of birch bark tar in the composition of the cream has a fungicidal (antifungal) activity, which also makes for the elimination of itching and reduction of inflammation. The tannins containing in the vegetable extracts regulate the secretion of sweat glands, thus making for reduction of the excessive sweating. Softening action of the cream is stipulated by presence of salicylic acid and vegetable oils in its composition, which moisturize and nourish dry and cracked skin. The antifungal cream is an ideal first aid remedy, which not only eliminates fungi, but also strengthens local immunity if being used systematically.


    the heating cream is an ideal remedy relieving muscle tension and mitigating fatigue. It is used as an auxiliary remedy when treating muscle and joint diseases. Thanks to red pepper oleoresin, there takes place a gradual penetration of active cream components into the skin accompanied by the tingling and warm sensations along with the relaxation of tension of the muscles. It is recommended to use cream in rheumatism, radiculitis and arthritides, to heat muscular tissue in case of overcooling as well as for quick restoration after intense muscular load.


    all-purpose gel based on 39 extracts is an indispensable remedy for all occasions. The combination of gel biologically active substances stimulates speedy healing of cuts and burns, helps in case of insect stings, and relieves itching. The remedy may be used in freezing injuries or to relieve irritation. Thanks to a complex formula of healthful ingredients, the gel has the antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and disinfecting effects, dries inflammations, and eliminates pimples. A unique composition and broad range of the gel properties will care for the skin health and solve any problems.


    a universal formula of the ointment exerts a sanative effect when applying to any skin area. The plant ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin, nourish, moisturize, and enrich it with active antioxidants slowing down the aging process of the skin. The menthol combined with the red pepper oil results in a local increase of the blood circulation followed by a relaxation of the muscular tissue.


    the action of an ointment is aimed at the prevention of joint and muscle pains. The phyto complex of extracts stimulates the microcirculation and metabolic processes at the cellular level, has the regenerative and antioxidant effects. The vegetable oils penetrate deeply into the skin, activate its barrier functions, and remove the sensation of discomfort ensuring the quality massage base. The presence of menthol and camphor makes it possible to ensure a strong cooling effect. They mitigate fatigue and relieve muscle tension, reduce intensity of the course of the inflammatory processes. This results in the decreased sensations of joint pain, considerable reduction in the periods of treatment, and recovery after the locomotorium traumas and diseases. Effects: - prevents muscle aches after physical and sports activities; - helps in fatigue, convulsions, contracture of the separate muscles, tension of ligaments, and myositides; - alleviates joint pains and consequences of fractures; - used in arthritides, osteochondroses, rheumatism, radiculitis, and gout.


    the combination of active components with a leech extract acts as a prophylactic drug in varix dilatation, fatigue, heaviness, convulsions, and edema in the legs. It is used to reduce the cicatricial tissues scars, linear atrophy, and scars. The active substances containing in the leech saliva improve the skin microcirculation, reduce thrombi formation, produce the bactericidal effect and stimulate protein metabolism. The vegetable oils penetrate deeply into the skin nourishing and moisturizing it.


    a universal and analgesic cream based on the plant raw materials helps to get rid of the pain in traumas, injuries, tension of ligaments, and the inflammatory processes in the skin. Sanative wintergreen essential oil helps to relieve muscular, arthritic, and rheumatic pains. It used as a supplementary component when treating rheumatism. Menthol and camphor supplement a highly effective composition of the cream by its cooling effect; it is a reliable remedy helping in everyday life.


    facial and all body cream with the vegetable and mineral ingredients regenerates affected skin, heals microcracks, and neutralizes negative impact of the environmental factors. The vegetable components entering into the composition of the cream make for slowing down of the aging process along with the maintenance of skin freshness and youth for a long time. The cream is also recommended for the restoration of muscles and ligaments in traumas and for relief of the inflammatory processes on the skin surface.