Oral Care


    the toothpaste based on 39 vegetable extracts makes for the beauty of smile, health of teeth and gums. This toothpaste contains a bouquet of healing herbs thanks to which the tooth enamel is excellently strengthened preventing the dental caries development. The tea tree and rosemary essential oils have the profound refreshing and antimicrobial effects, strengthen the gums, reduce their sensitivity, help to fight against gingival hemorrhage and exert anti-inflammatory effect enabling the breath to remain fresh for a long time. Colloidal silver has bactericidal and antiseptic properties, effectively fights against pathogenic microflora maintaining healthy state of the oral mucousa. The natural toothpaste is pleasant to the taste and has a pleasant fragrance, it effectively removes dental plaque, remnants of food, refreshes a breath, eliminates foul smell, and ensures the gum health. It fits for everyday use.


    it is developed for prevention of caries, parodontosis, gingivitis, and stomatitis. The active components have a strengthening effect on the tooth enamel, heal microcracks, and eliminate gingival hemorrhage. The toothpaste composition includes natural ultra-fine grain abrasive components making for the effective whitening and removal of dental plaque. The saturated formula of toothpaste thoroughly cares for the oral cavity and gives a shining smile.


    blue clay-based toothpaste is an effective anti-inflammatory agent, it nicely cleans, whitens, and strength teeth and gums. The chitosan entering into the composition of toothpaste helps while treating parodontosis (inflammation of the gums). It reduces the number of bacteria causing caries in the oral cavity and rids of dental plaque. The vegetable extracts combines with the essential oils and vitamin complex prevent gingival hemorrhage, suppress toothache, and eliminate the unpleasant odour. The blue clay toothpaste will give health and beauty to the teeth.


    take care of your breath with the help of breath freshener based on the vegetable extracts. The product has a freshening property and a pleasant mint taste, it makes it possible quickly get rid of an unpleasant odour and make a breath fresh. Its composition includes exclusively safe for health components, which makes it possible to use the freshener for sensitive teeth and gums.


    it is based on a complex of healing vegetable extracts actively caring for the oral cavity. They prevent the formation of bacteria and fungi being the underlying cause for the occurrence of the unpleasant odour. Thanks to the combination of mint and lime essential oils, bergamot, and aloe vera gel, the toothpaste thoroughly cleans tooth enamel of dental plaque. It exhibits the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects, inhibits the bacterial growth and refreshes breath for a long time.


    the balsam is developed for prevention and elimination of rhinitis and a cold in the head. It makes for normalization of the pituitary membrane microflora, removes edema, and restores nasal breathing. The natural components stimulate the local immunity of the pituitary membrane. It has the regenerative, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral effects.


    it ensures comprehensive care for teeth, effectively relieves inflammation, swelling, and eliminates gingival hemorrhage. Thanks to bisabolol and essential oils, the rinse has a strongly pronounced anti-inflammatory effect and prevents bacterial growth. It is a reliable and final stage for oral care.


    the treatment and prophylactic concentrate of vegetable extracts effectively relieves an inflammation of the gums, has analgesic effect in toothache, and refreshes breath. Propolis-based salutary composition of the elixir is used to treat stomatitis, gingivitis, and parodontosis. It has an antiseptic effect, makes for the regeneration of soft tissues, oral cavity and improves resistance to the infections. It may be used to treat an inflammation of the throat.


    the balsam based on the vegetable extracts and sea salt is an effective first aid remedy in case of a sore throat. Vitamin C activates the immune system and helps the body quicker come through a throat disease. An active complex of tea tree, mint, thyme, and geranium essential oils has the antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral effects. Colloidal silver is a potent antibacterial agent. Its molecules block generation of malignant bacteria, viruses, and fungi reducing their activity. The treatment and prophylactic throat spray relieves inflammation and decrease the sensations of pain in respiratory diseases.


    whitening toothpaste will refresh your breath, whiten and clean tooth enamel of dental plaque, and prevent hemorrhage. The vegetable extracts combined with the bamboo powder protect from parodontosis, prevent generation of harmful microorganisms, and make for the elimination of tooth stone. The exclusive formula of whitening toothpaste will give you a shining smile and ensure fresh breath for a long time.